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(Reaccredited by NAAC at 'A' grade with a CGPA of 3.14)


Masters of Tourism and Travel Management

About the Programme

MTTM programme is designed to develop and nurture change agents in the domain of aviation, tourism, wellness, hospitality, and heritage management. In view of the recent developments associated with tourism, which includes the upcoming international airport in Goa,can convert it into a bustling aviation and logistic hub.
With infrastructural developments and associated tourism based activities there is a requirement of skilled resources to cater to the demands created by the tourism industry. The course intends to provide expert training to tourism and aviation industry aspirants and to help them achieve professional level competences in their respective discipline. Post graduates of this programme will be able to acquire comprehensive knowledge in the area of tourism sector by developing their research capabilities, policy drafting and development, human resource management, marketing, MIS deployment, geographical comprehension, entrepreneurship, quality management skills which will prepare them to pursue enriching careers with travel process outsourcing companies, global distribution system companies, aviation and airline industry, logistics and cargo management firms, travel houses, museums, and destination management companies with an array of career opportunities starting from mid management level. MTTM is a two year full time post-graduation programme affiliated to Goa University the total intake for an academic year is 30.


On successful completion of the MTTM Programme, students will be able to:

1. Develop a tourism domain expertise by understanding tourism management theories, principles, and policies.
2. Apply design thinking skills for dynamic decision making.
3. Develop sensitivity to the tourism industry products, their upkeep, protection, and development through the ethical lens.
4. Identify socio-cultural tourism products in consultation with local communities using a consultative approach.
5. Identify the tourism based socio-cultural and environmental impacts and mitigate them in local communities by adopting sustainable development goals as thrust areas.
6. Generate revenue for tourism destinations using effective destination management techniques.


On successful completion of the MTTM Programme, students will be able to:

1. Identify entrepreneurship opportunities in the business of tourism, aviation and subsidiary systems.
2. Identify career avenues in the domain of tourism, travel and aviation.
3. Develop innovations in travel and tourism products.
4. Design a niche tour package using travel and tourism components.
5. Analyse international tourism impacts linked with heritage, aviation, hospitality, health and wellness tourism.

Course Outcomes

Duration:-2 Years Full Time (Semester Pattern) Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) Total No. of credits:-80

Year 1 Semester I

Code Discipline Specific Core Course Credits Total Credits Course
TTM-500 Principles of Management 4 DSC
TTM-501 Tourism Management 4 DSC
TTM-502 Wellness Tourism and Spa Management 4 DSC
TTM-503 Emerging Trends in Travel and Tourism 2 DSC
TTM-504 Managerial Communication 2 DSC
Code Discipline Specific Elective Course
(4 Credits – One 4 Credit or Two 2 Credit Course)
Credits Total Credits Course
TTM-521 Airport Operations Management 4 DSE
TTM-522 Aviation Project Management 4 DSE
TTM-523 Air Fares and Ticketing 4 DSE
TTM-524 Rural Tourism Management 4 DSE
TTM-525 Travel Consultancy and Tour Operations 2 DSE
TTM-526 Travel Media and Journalism 2 DSE
TTM-527 History and Heritage of Goa 4 DSE
20 credits

Year 1 Semester II

Code Discipline Specific Core Course Credits Total Credits Course
TTM-505 Human Resource Management 2 DSC
TTM-506 Marketing Management 2 DSC
TTM-507 Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Tourism 4 DSC
TTM-508 International Tourism Management 4 DSC
TTM-509 Sustainable Tourism 4 DSC
Code Discipline Specific Elective Course
(4 Credits – One 4 Credit or Two 2 Credit Course)
Credits Total Credits Course
TTM-528 Air Cargo Management and Logistics 4 DSE
TTM-529 Airline Revenue Management 4 DSE
TTM-530 Cruise Line Management 2 DSE
TTM-531 Adventure and Sports Tourism Management 2 DSE
TTM-532 Tourism Geography and Ecology 4 DSE
TTM-533 Designing Tourism Circuits 2 DSE
TTM-534 Hospitality Management 4 DSE
20 credits


Duration:-2 Years Full Time (Semester Pattern) Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)

Year 2 Semester 3

Code Research Specific Elective (8 Credits) Select Two Credits Total Course
TTM-600 Business Statistics 4 RSE
TTM-601 Research Writing and Ethics 4 RSE
TTM-602 Qualitative Research Methods(Theory) 2 RSE
TTM-603 Qualitative Research Methods(Practical) 2 RSE
TTM-604 Quantitative Research Methods (Theory) 2
TTM-605 Quantitative Research Methods(Practical) 2
Code Generic Elective Course
(Students to select only 1 Language and combination
of other subjects totalling to 12 Credits)
Credits Total Course
TTM-621 Portuguese Language 4 GE
TTM-622 French Language 4 GE
TTM-623 German Language 4 GE
TTM-624 Public Administration and Policy Analysis 4 GE
TTM-625 Cultural and Anthropological Studies 2 GE
TTM-626 Design Thinking 2 GE
TTM-627 Personality Development and Leadership 2 GE
TTM-628 Event Management 2 GE
TTM-629 Entrepreneurship Development 2 GE
TTM-630 Total Quality Management 4 GE
TTM-631 Economics 2 GE
Total 20 Credits

Year 2 Semester 4

Code Research Specific Elective Course (Select One) Credits Total Course
TTM-606 Data Analytics in Tourism (Practical) 4 RSE
TTM-607 Cultural Tourism Research Methods 4 RSE
Code Internship (Select One) Credits Total Course
TTM-651 Dissertation 16 DSD


Every student has to undergo 4 weeks of compulsory internship in functional area of the specified travel, tourism, heritage, cargo or aviation industries. Guidance will be given during the first two semesters and provided with and internship handbook, students will be provided the internship letter from Principal and have to secure their internships six months in advance. The students are required to maintain an internship log and document relevant data for scrutiny during the internship presentation along with a formal report. The internship carries 6 credits and carries a score of 150 marks, with internal score of 60 marks and external examiner score of 90 marks.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for admission to MTTM programme is as follows:

1. Candidates must pass the bachelor’s degree in any discipline with at least 40% marks from Goa University or any recognised university.
2. Candidates should appear for Goa University – Admission Ranking Test (GU-ART) and obtain an admission rank.

Admission Process

The admission process to the MTTM Programme:
(i) The admission to the first year follows the Goa University’s GU-ART Examination Stage, Goa University announces registration to the GU-ART examination through its websitewww.unigoa.ac.in, the test is conducted by Goa University in multiple rounds and candidates are required to register for the same as per the timelines specified.
(ii) Goa University declares ranks through a downloadable merit list on its website, there is no ‘counselling stage’ for MTTM programme and the students can directly remit the ‘seat confirmation fees’ to the college account based on the GU-ART rank secured.
(iii) Students who are still awaiting their bachelor’s result from Goa University colleges are required to provide an undertaking (pro-forma available on the prospectus) about their ‘provisional admission’ to the MTTM programme subject to passing the qualifying degree exam.
(iv) Students who wish to avail a study loan and to obtain a letter to the bank from the college, will have to pay the ‘seat confirmation’ fees and submit a request letter to the Principal of Srinivassa Sinai Dempo College of Commerce and Economics.
(v) Subsequently, after the qualifying degree exam results are declared, candidates can purchase the MTTM Prospectus from the college office which will provide additional information on admission process and documents required.
(vi) The admission form to MTTM programme is available online on www.dempocolleg.edu.in, candidates fulfilling the eligibility criteria can fill in the online admission form.
(vii) A PDF file with token number is generated after submission of the online admission form. This PDF has to be printed and submitted to the college office with other documentations specified in the MTTM programme prospectus. With this the admission to the MTTM Programme is complete.


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For any queries related to the MTTM programme candidates can contact the college office or MTTM programme coordinator Asst. Prof. Cheryl Venan Dias at 7757002102. Parents can also meet the Principal or Vice Principal for any information or clarifications.