Dempo Charities Trust's


(Reaccredited by NAAC at 'A' grade with a CGPA of 3.30)


Library Timings:

  • Monday to Friday – 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Saturday– 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM
  • Closed on Sunday and public holidays.
Library Membership and Facilities:
Membership is open only for the college staff and bonafide students of the college. Other visitors will be allowed with prior permission of the college authorities.

Library Cards for the members:

  • Fee receipt and
  • Three I-card size photos (latest)

Renewal of Library cards:

  • Old library cards
  • Three I-card size photos (latest)

Borrowing Facility:
Under-Graduate courses:

  • Two borrowers cards for home borrowing
  • Reading Hall card for library reference
Post-Graduate courses:
  • Three Borrowers cards
Refund of Library Deposit and No Dues certificate:

  • All library cards issued to the candidate
  • Fee receipt of library deposit issued at the time of admission to the respective course

Temporary Library facility for Backlog students:

  • Application to the Librarian to avail library facility
  • Proof of attempting examination
  • Old library cards issued to the candidate

Return of Books / library material:

  • At the end of the every semester, students should clear his/her library account by returning all books including books under book bank and other library material within two days after the last paper of the respective semester.
  • Fine is applicable as per the rule if the above rule is not complied with.


Loss of a Borrower’s Card:

  • Report immediately at the circulation counter.
  • Application for the new card addressed to ‘Librarian’
  • Payment of nominal charges for Duplicate card.


Loss of Book:

  • Report immediately at the circulation counter.
  • Payment of actual price of the book (latest edition) OR replacement of the book
  • Fine if any shall be charged till the date of reporting in addition to the price of the book.
  • Payment shall be made within five days from the date of reporting.
  • In case of delay in payment fine shall be charged up to the date of payments.


General Library Rules:

1. Respect the ‘SILENCE’.

2. All personal belongings should be kept at the property counter. The library shall not be responsible for loss of valuables.

3. Every person who enters the library must wear ID card, and shall sign in the Visitors Register.

4. Exchange of library cards is not allowed.

5. Books shall be issued subject to the rules and regulations of the library.

6. Only one book shall be issued against one card.

7. Library material borrowed on Reading Hall Ticket should be returned on the same day.

8. Borrowers must satisfy themselves about the physical condition of the books before borrowing and bring any damage to the

    attention of the authorities. Otherwise they shall be held responsible for any damage or mutilation noticed at the time of returning.

9. In case any book is lost or damaged by the member, the member shall replace the book or shall pay the cost of replacement.

10. The Librarian may refuse to issue a book to any member or she may recall any book without assigning any reason thereof.

11. A fine of Re.1/- per day per book shall be charged for overdue books.

12. Library account should be closed by returning all books and paying necessary fine if any at the end of every semester.

13. In case of loss of books borrowed by the member, the member should immediately inform the library. Member shall be required

     to make good such loss, by replacing the title lost with same or latest edition available in the market along with overdue charges.

14. Shifting of chairs from one place to another is strictly prohibited.

15. Any violation of the library rules will render the member privilege of admission to and of borrowing books from the library


16. Library staff has a right to ask anyone whose presence in their opinion has violated the library rules or whose presence is

     detrimental to decorum and environment conducive to reading, to leave the library premises. Repeated incidence of such behavior

     will attract disciplinary action.

17. Silence and order must at all times be maintained in and around the library. Visitors are expected to maintain decent and civilized

      behavior and mannerisms.

18. The library is under surveillance of close circuit cameras. Please note that all your activities are being recorded.

19. If you have any suggestions, complaints, difficulty, please approach the Library staff.