Best Practices for the Academic Year


Best Practice I- Faculty Enrichment Sessions

Educational institutions are knowledge sharing hubs while faculty enrichment sessions are a significant step towards keeping the teaching faculty updated about the latest technology in teaching and research. Such sessions promote a culture of knowledge-sharing, encourage research publications and enhance teaching skills. They also motivate the teachers to operate various research software. Well educated and skilled faculty are the strong bases of the new India, which is not only fit India, but also atmanirbhar India.

The efficiency of human resource in higher education improves with continuous updating of innovative teaching methods coupled with hands on experience of various software. The Faculty Enrichment Programs organised by the Faculty Development Research Committee (FDRC) at Srinivassa Sinai Dempo College built a strong foundation of an educational system ensuring quality education. Since academic year 2017, regular faculty enrichment sessions have been accorded priority. The sessions promote pedagogical skills and research culture to keep pace with fast changing learning environment. The sessions are a wonderful opportunity to learning new platforms like – OBS, Google Meet and Zoom. In addition, the Faculty Enrichment Sessions were also conducted in fields like Yoga, Health Fitness, Work Life Balance and Use of IAIMS portal for uploading lecture plans, attendance and marks.

Following sessions were conducted in the academic year 2020-2021.

Sr. No. Date Title of the session Number of attendees
1 06/06/2020 Use of Open Broadcast Software (OBS) for creation of E-Content 38
2 08/06/2020 Editing Videos 23
3 20/06/2020 Yoga Health and Fitness 33
4 26/06/2020 Work Life Balance 32
5 30/06/2020 Demonstration on Use of CMIE Prowess IQ Database 26
6 13/08/2020 to
Two day Session to facilitate Online Teaching. 

Session I- Google Meet and OBS.

Session II- PPT Content and Copyright Issues


7 29/08/2020 Use of Zoom Platform for Online Teaching 23
8 20/11/2020 NEP 2020: Recognising and Leveraging Opportunities 26
9 24/02/21 IAIMS Portal for daily lecture diary and student attendance. 31
10 02/03/21 Session for B.Com. Faculty on the Use of the IAIMS Portal- Uploading of Semester Lecture Plan 16